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Head Extreme One - the revolution

Posted by Alejandro Orozco on





Dear friends of Padel Island, today it's time to talk about the Head Extreme One 2023 padel racket that has just been released on the market and that had created so many expectations.

It is the first racket on the market with a single hole and the smallest possible diameter, only 9 millimeters. And yes, it is legal and approved for official competitions, the FIP requires that it have at least one hole.

It is a diamond-shaped racket, with a 12K carbon surface, Auxetic technology, shiny and matte finish, soft cap, 27 balance and... here comes the second feature that attracts attention, a weight of only 345 grams.

All this makes the Head Extreme One a super manageable racket, with a wide sweet spot, fast and very durable (we avoid the dreaded racket breakages due to holes).


But how does it behave on the court?

Once tested, I think that it is a very easy racket to move, fast and with a medium touch, not hard but rigid. It runs very well down low, very comfortable, with a good ball output that allows us to defend very well from the back of the court.

In the net, since it is so manageable due to its low weight, it costs nothing to move it and its roughness makes up for the lack of holes and helps with the effects. Ultimately, for the hardest hitters, it may lack some power but it has a lot of acceleration that makes up for it. Being so light, the arm moves faster when hitting shots and hits the ball at high speed.

Aesthetically it is spectacular and, due to its low weight, it seems to me to be a highly recommended racket for both male and female players.

In short, it is an ideal padel racket for fast players, for the padel that it is now time to play and watch on the circuit.


I loved it, I felt very comfortable with it from the first moment and I think it is going to be a great sales success.

At Padel Island we have this racket at the best price on the market, don't hesitate and dare to enjoy one of the most anticipated and most technologically advanced rackets on the market.





Author: Nuria Chávarri (federated padel player from Madrid)



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