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Spanish Open Pickleball 2024

Posted by Alejandro Orozco on
Spanish Open Pickleball  2024


SPECTACULAR!! This is the word that comes to mind when starting this blog dedicated to the Spanish Open Pickleball that was held in Madrid from June 27 to 30, 2024, organized by the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation (RFET).




The level of play was spectacular, with players from Spain and other countries, the facilities were spectacular, the organization was spectacular (thanks Agostina!! @agostinanepote), the sportsmanship and the atmosphere were spectacular and, finally, the future that this sport has is spectacular even in the countries where our also beloved padel has an implementation as powerful as the one it has in Spain and other European countries. Pickleball and padel are different sports but not enemies, there are more and more players and instructors who practice and enjoy both.

We have witnessed incredible duels, spectacular points, matches of a fantastic level... as we expected, the players from Team Zcebra , Team Winner, Team Bepickle and Team PKD have especially shone, as well as the very complete Drop Shot stand. These manufacturers are authentic references and true examples to follow if you want to do things well when it comes to publicizing and strengthening the growth of this sport.





We want to make special mention of some players with whom we have really enjoyed watching them compete and chatting for a while with some of them because of their friendliness and simplicity: Marcello Jardim (@marcello_jardim - pala Zcebra Totem Black 2024), Sabrina Méndez (@pickleballsabri  pala Zcebra Totem), Dani Vega (@dani.pb_8  pala Winner Arrow), Alvarito (@alvarito_pb – pala Winner Grizzly) y Héctor San Martín (@pulchrapickleball - pala Zcebra Queen Negra Naranja 2024). 





This is not a blog to report on the winners, how the table evolved, the finalists... For that, there will, surely, be many other sites on the Internet for information. We just want to thank all those who, with their effort, their enthusiasm and their personal sacrifice, have managed to make this event a true success in participation, public attendance and visibility for this sport that we have fallen in love with.


Finally, we would like to mention how much we liked that, when talking about how many players, who have reached very high levels in the competition, have mentioned to us how much they were hooked on pickleball from the first moment and how quickly they have managed to reach the level. that they already have. This is an easy sport to learn, easy to quickly improve the level and that is enjoyed from the first moment.





At Padel Island we have a large assortment of paddles and accessories for practicing this sport, go ahead and try it and tell us what you think. We look forward to your comments. We also look forward to your comments if you have been to the Spanish Open Pickleball 2024 and want to add something. Thank you!!






Author: Nuria Chávarri (padel and pickleball player)



  • Luis Cubillo on

    También estuve, muy madre todo. En México también está el pickleball ebullicionando.

  • Ana Cuadrillero on

    Gracias Nuria por tu blog, soy Ana Cuadrillero, me acuerdo perfectamente de ti, nos vimos ayer en el torneo y me regalaste ese llavero tan cuqui de la pelotita verde 😍😍.

    Me gusta mucho el enfoque que le has dado al blog, has ido más al alma del campeonato que a los números fríos que no suelen decir casi nada de lo importante (al menos para mi). Muy de acuerdo contigo que fue un súper evento, en todos los sentidos. Yo estuve sábado y domingo enteros, no me perdí nada.

    Ya tienes una nueva lectora asidua de tus blogs, impaciente de que publiques el siguiente (pickle o pádel, practico casi cualquier deporte que incluya red, raquetas o palas y una pelota. ¡un saludo!

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