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The dance of couples continues...

Posted by Alejandro Orozco on
The dance of couples continues...

While the majority is enjoying a well-deserved vacation, the women's padel circuit does not stop moving.

We tell you about the new couples that are emerging and the possible ones that remain to come

Lucía Sainz seems to join her steps to the murcian Patty Llaguno, recently separated from Carolina Orsi. A couple with a lot of experience to be able to fight for 4th place in the ranking.

Aranzaru Osoro joins the young Spanish promise Jessica Castelló. If this duo manages to connect, it will leave us great moments, the Viking will recover the drive, which is where she is most comfortable and where she shows the most danger.

And we have to see what happens with Alejandra Salazar ...

Your options are narrowing with the new unions. The option that sounds the most, but not the only one, is the Portuguese Sofía Araujo, they would start as a couple 4 and share sponsor Bullpadel.

Tamara Icardo, Virginia Riera's current partner, is another option that is becoming increasingly popular. There are no separation rumors yet but the results obtained after the final in Marbella have not been as expected.

Friends of Padel Island, we are still waiting for your comments and bets.

Author: Nuria Chávarri (federated player from Madrid)

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  • Rosa on

    Para mi la mejor opción sería Tamara Icardo para poder luchar por el número 1, Sofía Araujo tiene menos técnica.

  • Alberto on

    No creo que le quedé mucho tiempo compitiendo a Alejandra, pero merece una despedida por todo lo alto.

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