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Our costumers

An excellent review

An excellent assessment, at all times both the communication and the treatment was exceptional, responding to me very quickly and giving me all the possible facilities. Totally honest with their stock, which unfortunately is difficult to find today. I will definitely buy from this store again and recommend it to everyone.


Padel Island - Pala Nox AT.2 Genius Ltd

I ordered a new racket from Padel Island a few days ago and the service and experience I received was tremendous. I paid a small amount for fast delivery and the order arrived the next day. A super good experience from Padel Island and their whole approach to retail and customer satisfaction is completely on point. I will definitely use the store again and highly recommend them for your paddle purchases.

James Robinson

Fast and a product that was already difficult to find in other stores

Almost everywhere they told me that there was no more stock, or they made me pay and then they told me that there was no stock.
That didn't happen here and they sent it to me right away