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About us

Before anything else, we are in love with the wonderful sport of paddle tennis. We have been enjoying him for many years, playing, watching him play, going to see tournaments, following him on social networks... we are PASSIONATE.

In mid-2021 we thought about getting involved professionally with this world and decided to set up a company for the sale of paddle tennis equipment. We want to work and live from what we like. As a small tribute to the beautiful island of Lanzarote, where one of the partners is from and where we have intense family and emotional ties, we wanted to use the word ISLAND in our commercial name.

But we also chose it because we want to be a small island, in this highly competitive world of online sales. An island where our clients navigate confident, relaxed, calm. Where our clients do not feel bombarded or overwhelmed by continuous notices of offers, discounts, liquidations, last hours, etc.

A transparent and simple website, in which we will never tell our clients that we can serve them what we are not going to be able to serve them, where we will never make counteroffers with other products if we do not have what the client has decided to buy. A website where we will give all the facilities for exchanges and returns and where we will fight to assert the guarantee of the products if we believe that our client is right in a claim. A website where we will always be completely honest with our availability of material and delivery times. A website where our customers browse calmly, browse, ask us if they want and leave, having bought or not, with a smile and wanting to come back. A website, in short, focused on the attention and care of our customers.

We start now, the end of 2021, with all the illusion in the world. As they say on the court, "Good game"!!