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Bullpadel Vertex 03 23 Racket

$203.00 $355.00

GIFT PACK: Bullpadel Premium balls can + Vibor-a Overgrip + Transparent frame protector

New Bullpadel Vertex 03 2023 padel racket is Fede Chingotto and Juan Tello's racket for the 2023 season.

It is a diamond-shaped padel racket, with maximum power and a rough Topspin surface for great effects. It is designed for professional or advanced players with a refined technique.

With a reduced sweet spot and located in the upper part of the padel racket, it will get the most out of the power that you apply to your hits.

12K Xtend carbon faces and a high-quality carbon frame, together with a Multieva rubber core, guarantee great resistance and durability to the racket, as well as impeccable ball output.

Its Metal Shield frame protector incorporates the Custom Weight system that makes it possible to modify the weight of the padel racket to give it even more power or give it more control.

It incorporates Hesacore for a perfect grip.





Technical characteristics:


Weight approx: 365-375 gr

Profile: 38mm

Balance: High

Shape: Diamond

Faces: XT-Carbon 12K

Frame: High quality carbon

Core: Multieva rubber

Guard: Aluminum CW

Player: Expert Adult

Power/Control: 100/90


Technologies :

Multieva / XT Carbon 12K / Vertex / Vibradrive / Air React Channel / Custom Weight / Carbon Tube / Hesacore / Metalshield / Nerve / Topspin


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