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Head Extreme One 2023 padel racket


GIFT PACK: Bullpadel Premium balls can + Vibor-a Overgrip + Transparent frame protector


New Head Extreme One 2023 padel racket has arrived to revolutionize the world of padel rackets. It has a single hole, per FIP regulations, which makes it a racket that is incredibly resistant to wear and tearing of the planes.

It is a very light padel racket, around 345 grams, and therefore very manageable and comfortable. But at the same time it is a powerful padel racket intended for advanced or professional level players. It has a diamond shape and 12K carbon visible on the faces. Its core is made of Power Foam to further increase its great power.

It incorporates Extreme Spin technology on its rough faces to achieve incredible effects as well as the innovative Auxetic technology that gives it greater power with a great feeling at the moment of impact.

Air resistance is not affected by the lack of holes since most of the hits are made with the racket inclined. In the tests prior to its manufacture, Head used a Formula 1 wind tunnel and verified that it is as aerodynamic as rackets that do have dies (holes). Although it is not a strictly power padel racket, being so light the player's arm achieves more speed and provides great acceleration to the ball.

Spectacular design, it is a beautiful racket that attracts everyone's attention.

Weight: about 345 grams



HEAD SIZE:494 cm² / 77 in²

BALANCE:275 mm / 1.9 in HH

FRAME PROFILE:38 mm / 1.5 in