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Head Speed Elite 2023 Racket


Gift of overgrip and clear frame protector 


Experienced players will be able to play a tenth of a second faster and get a definitive advantage with the new Head Speed Elite 2023 padel racket, a powerful and versatile model. In order to offer more power and a formidable touch, this teardrop-shaped padel racket has been updated with Auxetic technology.

The SPEED ELITE model offers power as well as control, with a fiberglass hitting surface that guarantees softer sensations and touch. In addition, it has a new soft plug on the handle that improves touch and sensations. Apart from a great attack speed, the SPEED ELITE padel racket offers a modern design with copper details and a matte finish.

• Innovative Auxetic technology that offers more power and a formidable sensation of impact
• Combination of power and control for advanced players with a fast and versatile game
• Fiberglass hitting surface for softer feel and touch
• New soft cap on the handle that improves touch and sensations
• Unmistakable design with copper details and matte finish



FORM:  Tear

WEIGHT:  370g / 13.1oz

HEAD SIZE:  465 cm² / 72 in²

BALANCE:  265mm / 1.5in HH

FRAME PROFILE:  38mm / 1.5in