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Head Speed Pro X SPECIAL PACKING 2023 padel racket


GIFT PACK: Bullpadel Premium balls can + Vibor-a Overgrip + Transparent frame protector


The new highly versatile Head Speed Pro X SPECIAL PACKING 2023 padel racket, updated with the innovative Auxetic technology to offer more power and an unbeatable sensation of impact, allows you a fast and versatile game. Advanced and tournament players will be able to play on any type of surface, attack with great speed and gain the ultimate advantage with this perfect combination of power and control. For superior levels of control and performance, as well as a clearly distinctive design, the SPEED PRO X model features a visible 12K carbon hitting surface. In addition, the new soft cap on the grip optimizes the touch and offers better sensations, while the matte and glossy finish provides a modern and high-end image.

  • Innovative Auxetic technology that offers more power and an unbeatable sensation of impact
  • Perfect combination of power and control for advanced and tournament players
  • Special transparent 12K carbon hitting surface that offers control and high performance
  • New soft plug in the grip that improves touch and sensations
  • Modern and high-end design with matte and glossy finish



FORM:  Tear

WEIGHT:  375g / 13.2oz

HEAD SIZE:  465 cm² / 72 in²

BALANCE:  272mm / 1.8in HH

FRAME PROFILE:  38mm / 1.5in