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Akkeron Andromeda 20th padel racket


Gift of overgrip and clear frame protector


New Akkeron Andromeda 20th padel racket is an improved version of the previous Andromeda with more power and a more professional hit.

It is indicated for those advanced level players who like aggressive and attacking play. It's a real cannon in your hands.

Teardrop shape and medium-low balance to facilitate offensive play without losing control when hitting.

100% carbon frame and high hardness Power Blast EVA rubber with great recovery capacity and ball output. Being made in layers, it widens the sweet spot and reduces the vibrations that are so annoying in hard rubbers.

The Graphene Inside system provides a firmer and more comfortable structure.

The Power Boosting Layer system treats the last layer to give it greater power and incorporates pressed plane technology that eliminates cracks between the glass sheets and the core.

Structural reinforcements throughout the frame to make it stronger against impacts and also distributes weights in a unique way

It incorporates a novel protector that covers the entire side of the padel racket to protect it against impacts and also allows the balance to be modified using counterweights. It can be easily replaced in case of breakage as it is glued and divided into three parts.

 Light weight from 345 grams (indicate desired weight on payment screen)

100% Spanish artisanal manufacturing


For shipments to countries outside the European Union of two or more units of this shovel, we provide a EUR1 certificate that reduces or eliminates customs costs.