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Akkeron Calipso 20th padel racket


For shipments to countries outside the European Union of two or more units of this racket, we provide a EUR1 certificate that reduces or eliminates customs expenses.


New Akkeron Calypso 20th padel racket from the Dream Line collection is designed for players who need to improve their game and increase control when hitting shots.

Round shape and low balance, balance between control and power with great ball output and large sweet spot.

Power Boosting Layer in the last layer with pressed planes to gain power and greater performance.

Soft Eva rubber with low hardness and great recovery capacity that allows greater ball output and great absorption of vibrations, thus avoiding fatigue and injuries that occur during hits.

Legacy system and structural reinforcements throughout the frame to strengthen it from breaks and impacts, making it more resistant and durable.

State-of-the-art protector that allows using counterweights to alter the balance and weight of the padel racket according to the player's needs, easily replaceable case breakage.

Very light padel racket available from 345 grams.

Indicate in the cart, in the Special Information for Seller section, the desired weight.

100% Spanish artisanal manufacturing.