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Bullpadel Vertex 03 Woman 2022 Racket

$114.00 $226.00

Gift of overgrip and transparent frame protector


Padel racket Bullpadel Vertex 03 Woman 22 is a lightweight racket of maximum power and high performance. It is the racket chosen by Delfi Brea, player No. 5 in the WPT ranking for 2.022 season.

It is designed for professional or advanced level players who are clearly offensive players looking for maximum power, but also optimum control. Its combination of materials and the most advanced technologies give it that balance.

The Air React Channel technology that reinforces its structure, making it more agile and lighter, and the Vibradrive anti-vibration system stand out. Its external core is made of Fibrix hybrid fibre, its internal core is made of the new MultiEva which consists of 2 different eva densities and its CarbonTube frame is made of 100% carbon fibre. Finally, it incorporates a rough TopSpin surface to facilitate the effects in the ball strikes.

This racket is already one of the most sought after and desired by all those players who base their game on attack and are looking for a 100% winning racket.

Approximate weight: 355 grams




Weight:  345 - 360 grams Surface: Fibrix (Carbon y X-Glass)
Profile:  38mm              Core : Multieva
Balance:  High Power/Control:  100/90
Shape: Diamond Season :  2022
Frame: Carbon Player: Advanced/Professional


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