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Head Delta Pro 2022 padel racket

$202.00 $244.00

Gift of overgrip and clear frame protector


The Head Delta Pro 2022 padel racket perfectly combines maximum power with the precision, control and feel so characteristic of the Delta series padel rackets. It combines the best materials and the latest technologies (AuXeti, Anti Shock Skin and Extreme Spin). It is aimed at professional or advanced players. It is the successor of the famous Head Delta Hybrid, one of the best-selling rackets of this prestigious brand.

 It is the padel racket that Arturo Coello uses in this 2023 season.




Weight:  375 grams Surface: Graphene Carbon
Profile:  38mm              Core: Eva ultra soft
Balance:  High                      Power/Control:  100/95
Shape: DIamond Season:  2022
Frame: Graphene Carbon Player: Advanced/Professional