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Lobo Padel Midnight Pro padel racket (hybrid)


Gift of overgrip and transparent frame protector

New Lobo Padel Midnight Pro padel racket is a 100% versatile racket in every way. It is very complete for an attacking game and at the same time unbeatable as a control racket. At the same time, it is such an easy and manageable racket that it is perfect for players ranging from intermediate to professional level, adapting to any level and any type of game.

It is the evolution and improvement of the Lobo Padel Midnight racket, already an incredible racket, further improving its power, control and manageability.

It stands out for its hybrid frame (Kevlar and Hexcel Carbon), its Hexcel Pro carbon faces and its also hybrid core (Polyethylene and Eva rubber).

It is made by hand in Spain and has an incredible capacity to absorb vibrations.


More details, click here:

Lobo Padel | Midnight Pro | Mi Raqueta

Product for sale exclusively for export (outside the European Union)

For shipments to countries outside the European Union of two or more units of this shovel, we provide a EUR1 certificate that reduces or eliminates customs expenses.