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Nox AT10 Luxury GENIUS 12K 2024 by AgustĂ­n Tapia padel racket


GIFT PACK: Bullpadel Premium balls can + Vibor-a Overgrip + Transparent frame protector


New Nox AT10 Luxury GENIUS 12K 2024 padel racket by AgustĂ­n Tapia has been designed together with Mozart of Catamarca and the result is a teardrop format racket for advanced level players looking for a balance between power and control. The upper part of the racket gives it power and the lower part, control and precision.

The aerodynamics have been improved by profiling the edges and the grip has been lengthened for better grip.

EOS Flap technology, perforations on the sides to increase manageability and better weight distribution. The result is a fast and lethal racket.

12K carbon fiber and MLD Black Eva multilayer core that provides great comfort and intermediate hardness.

Pulse System and Nox Custom Grip to absorb vibrations and reduce fatigue that occurs in the arm.

Textured finish with low-weight silica sand for greater hitting effects.

Replaceable and customizable Smartstrap safety lanyard.