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Padel Barcelona Downtowm padel racket (attack)


Gift of overgrip and transparent frame protector

New Padel Barcelona Downtown padel racket is a high-power racket for players of all levels, with excellent control. Its wide sweet spot will facilitate finishing and quick hits that require high precision to dominate and finish the points.

Great absorption of vibrations to prevent epicondylitis.

Made with the best European materials:

. 3k Hexcel Carbon fiber plane with aeronautical certificate
. Exclusive Wolf Edition rough finish
. Extra 3k Hexcel Carbon reinforcement in load and flex zones
. High recovery European Black EVA core
. Premium high-performance epoxy resin.
. Special varnish with UV protection
. Laminated heat-shrinkable total linear protector with digital printing
. Grip soft plus.

Padel Barcelona Downtown, the padel racket with the best price-quality ratio on the market.

Totally handmade Spanish manufacture.


Weight selection

Lightweight For players looking for maximum maneuverability
Medium Perfect balance between handling and power
High For players looking for maximum power

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Product for sale exclusively for export (outside the European Union)

For shipments to countries outside the European Union of two or more units of this racket, we provide a EUR1 certificate that reduces or eliminates customs expenses.