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Head Zephyr Ultra Light 2022 Racket


The new Head Zephyr Ultra Ligh 22 padel racket is designed for occasional players who want to progress and reach an intermediate level.

Its main attraction is its lightness, which makes it ideal for junior players with a certain level or adults who are looking for a very comfortable racket to start and progress. The 360+ graphene carbon on the face and frame improves the feel and flexibility of the racket.

The core incorporates Comfort Foam, an ideal rubber for the player who wants maximum comfort, as it absorbs vibrations while increasing the power of the blows.

Finally, it includes the Integrated Protector System technology, which is a pre-moulded carbon protector that covers the frame of the racket and protects it from knocks and scratches, extending the quality of life of the racket.

This racket is undoubtedly a perfect choice for junior or novice players who want to get a durable, reliable and, above all, lightweight racket to start enjoying their lessons and matches.




Weight:  340 grs +/- 10 grs Surface: Graphene carbon
Profile:  38mm              Core : Comfort Foam
Balance:  Low Power/Control:  80/90
Shape: Teardrop Season :  2022
Frame: Graphene carbon Player: occasional/intermediate