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Posted by Alejandro Orozco on



 Dear padel friends from Padel Island, the 2024 season has just started and we couldn't let it pass without telling you what the first P1 Riyadh tournament in Saudi Arabia was like.

This first test with 1000 points at stake has served to see the fitness of all the couples, those already formed from last season and the new ones.

A large number of this year's tournaments will be outdoors and a lot will depend on how the couples adapt to the heat, humidity, cold...this will make the couples become more equal and the surprises will not stop happening.

We tell you the first impressions of what happened in this first test:

In the men's draw there have been positive surprises, such as the arrival in the semi-finals of the pair formed by Nacho Sager (no. 54 in the ranking) and Salvador Oria (no. 106), and negative ones, such as the falls in the round of 32 of the duos Paquito - Sanyo and Bela-Capra. Much more was expected from both.

The first couple due to lack of adaptation, they did not seem comfortable at all and the second partly due to Bela's poor physical fitness after his injury. We are sure that these two couples will be able to reach much higher levels as soon as they are in full physical shape and better matched.

In the final, after a super intense and even three-set match with a tie break included, the current number one couple Ale Galán and Juan Lebron won against Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia 6-7, 6-4, 6- 4.

They were lethal with their great punch in a tournament where the ball ran a lot due to the height and humidity.

In the women's draw, there were several positive surprises. The return of Bárbara de las Heras to the competition after her ligament injury, the arrival to quarter finals of the veteran player Carolina Navarro, incombustible at 48 years old and the good feelings left by the new couples such as Icardo-Salazar, Riera- Araujo and Jensen-Castelló.

The Alejandro Salazar - Tamara Icardo duo reached the semi-finals, losing to the current No. 1 Ari and Paula, but leaving very good impressions for having spent so little filming together.

As a negative surprise, although it was already seen coming, the farewell of the Gemma Triay - Marta Ortega couple who fell in the round of 16 against Jessica Castelló and Claudia Jensen. Both would surely be thinking more about their future projects than about the points in this tournament.

In the final, the No. 1 Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaría, intractable on the court, won against the current No. 2 couple, Bea Gonzalez and Delfi Brea by a landslide 6-2, 6-3.

Paulita had her best day, very explosive and a finisher accompanied by Ari with hardly any mistakes and many successes. They take a little distance over the player Gemma Triay in the women's ranking.

In our Professional Players Padel Rackets section we have almost all the rackets from the Top 10 men's and women's rackets, be sure to visit it.

Ale Galán - Adidas Metalbone 3.3 2024

Arturo Coello - Head Extreme Pro 2023

Martín Di Nenno - Bullpadel Vertex 04 Comfort 24

Agustín Tapia - Nox AT10 Luxury GENIUS 18K Alum 2024

Franco Stupaczuk - Siux Electra ST3 Stupa Pro

Paquito Navarro - Bullpadel Hack 03 2024

Fede Chingotto - Bullpadell Neuron 2024

Fernando Belasteguín - Wilson Bela Pro

Juan Tello - Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024

Ari Sánchez - Head Speed Motion 23

Paula Josemaría - Head Extreme Motion 23

Gemma Triay - Bullpadel Elite W 24

Bea González - Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024

Delfi Brea - Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024

Marta Ortega - Adidas Cross IT Light

Ale Salazar.- Bullpadel Flow W 2024

Sofia Araujo - Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024

Jessica Castelló - Bullpadel Vertex 04 W 2024

We would like to know what you thought of this first tournament of the season and if you followed it with the same enthusiasm as us. We look forward to your opinions and comments!!



 Author: Nuria Chávarri (paddle and pickleball player)



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