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Premier Padel Paris 2022

Posted by Alejandro Orozco on




Good and warm nights from Paris, friends of Padel Island. Today was the final of the Paris Major Premier Padel, so this will be our last blog entry of this tournament.

First of all, we would like to tell you that, as we predicted yesterday, although the Philippe Chatrier court at Roland Garros has not been sold out, there must not have been many tickets left to sell. A huge public totally devoted to this wonderful sport and a fan base that is growing all over Europe and the world, and France was certainly not going to be the exception. The progress of padel is unstoppable and that is something that excites and rejoices us all. The impeccable play, the impeccable atmosphere, the impeccable organisation, the impeccable public.... Can anyone give more?

And getting to the point... the final didn't disappoint anyone, we saw incredible points, stratospheric shots, beastly volleys, impossible drop shots and rarely seen defences. Both pairings gave their all on court and put on a wonderful show.

The match was very even, in fact it took until the third set, which was decided by a single break of serve. Galan/Lebron made their status as world number 1's count and perhaps withstood the pressure better than Tello/Chingotto, the number 4 pairing. The former took the first set 6-3 thanks to a break on Chingotto's serve, which was closer and more even than this result might suggest. The latter took the second set 4-6 with a very similar game to the first but managed to break Galán's serve. And in the last set, where anything could happen, again a break on Chingotto's serve gave the Spaniards the decisive advantage to end up taking this great final.

This unprecedented final, and the tournament in general, have left a great impression, we see the number 1's in an impeccable and overwhelming line but we also believe that the level of the top five or six couples is rising and that a great equality between all of them is going to be the dominant tone for the rest of the season. 

And little more to tell you, we say goodbye and looking forward to the Premier Padel Madrid P1 in the first week of August and return to narrate from here everything that happens. A hug and greetings to all our followers from Padel Island.


PS: We don't know, dear readers, if you have noticed that below you can comment, discuss, give your opinion or whatever you want about what we write here or about whatever you want related to the tournament. We encourage you to do so in order to make this space a place for the exchange of ideas and therefore more enriching.



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Good evening once again to our friends of Padel Island. We comment the most interesting news of the semifinal matches of the Paris Major Premier Padel.

The day can be described as surprising. On the one hand it has been much shorter than expected, with both matches resolved in a couple of sets. On the other hand, the ease with which the number 1 pairing (Galan/Lebron) got rid of the number 3 pairing (Lima/Stupa) is also surprising.Although the match started evenly, the Spaniards broke back to take the first set 3-1 and from that point on, each and every game went their way to a 6-1 6-0 final. Nobody could have predicted a match or a result like this. The number 1's showed an impeccable form and a simply brutal forcefulness in their game.

In the second match, it was much more equal, especially in the first set, where neither the number 2 pairing (Navarro/Di Nenno) nor the number 4 (Tello/Chingotto) gave up a single break. It was in the sudden death where the Argentines showed more temperance and more accuracy, finishing off the set in their favour with a score of 7-2. The second set, which also went in favour of the Argentines, was also very evenly matched although a break on Di Nenno's serve in the fourth game defined and decided the final result as the Spaniards were unable to return the break to their opponents.

Tomorrow we have an unprecedented final, no tournament in this new competition has ever had these two pairings as finalists. Although the Spaniards seem to be slight favourites, it is clear that Tello and Chingotto are in a sweet moment of their game and any result is possible.

The match kicks off at 15:00 and will be well worth watching. We will tell you all about it on your blog. If it's not a sell-out, it won't be long now. Good night and padel dreams to all of you.



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Good evening from Paris, fellow Padel Island fans and friends. Today we have lived an exciting day once again, enjoying a very high level of padel. Every day better padel and every day more and more public more and more dedicated in this Paris Major Premier Padel.

Although the matches were beautiful and in general very hard fought, there were no big surprises once again this afternoon. The results, it can be said, have been as expected as the best placed pairings in the ranking of each match have gone through to tomorrow's semifinals. We could say that couple 1 (Galan/Lebron) and couple 2 (Navarro/Di Nenno) had the easiest matches but it wouldn't be fair to their opponents (Bela/Coello and Leal/Rico respectively) who put up a great fight and made them struggle.

It is surprising that this day all the matches have been resolved in two sets, when in theory the levels of the pairs should be more equal than yesterday, when almost all of them needed to reach three sets.

The first four pairings are in contention and tomorrow they will cross paths as you can see below in the draws published by the FIP on their website. The first match starts at 15:00 and we advise you to find a big TV and a comfortable sofa to enjoy the afternoon of total padel that awaits us.

Nothing more for tonight, tomorrow we will give you new news and we will tell you how the day has developed. Greetings and hugs padel lovers.




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Good evening once again Padel Island friends from Paris, today we have had a beautiful day of padel as we had expected yesterday.  At 14:00 the matches started simultaneously on court Philippe Chatrier and court number 3 in the round of 16 of the tournament.

More spectators than on previous days and a very good atmosphere in the stadium.

In all the matches, to a greater or lesser extent, there has been a lot of equality and points of the highest level. In almost all the matches, including that of the number 1 pairing Galán/Lebrón, we reached the third set. All the couples better placed in the ranking than their rivals have gone through to the quarter finals, the only exception being the victory of J.Leal/J.Rico (10) over A.Ruíz/J.Gonzáles (6). It can therefore be said that we haven't had any particularly surprising results.

Tomorrow comes the quarter finals, four exciting matches where we will find seven Argentinean players, seven Spanish players and two Brazilian players.  The Argentinean fratricidal encounter between Capra/Sanchez and Chingotto/Tello stands out.

We leave you schedules and order of the matches according to the schedule published by the FIP on its website.

Tomorrow more and better as always, greetings to all our friends and good night.






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Good evening Padel Island friends! As we recently posted in our profile we will be updating our blog with the latest results and highlights of the Paris Major Premier Padel tournament!

As you all may know it is taking place in the famous Roland Garros courts, which will make this event even more exciting and definitely unforgettable for all of us!

We enjoyed today 16 games with not so many surprises to be fair. All the 16 favourite couples have gotten to the next round, not without having to fight hard and some of them even having to play the 3rd set.

Tomorrow’s games are promising as well. We will be able to see some of the seeded players competing between themselves.

Later in the evening, we will welcome you all to read our blog where we will keep you posted of the main highlights of the day! 

Greetings from the beautiful City of Light! Bonne Soirée!!


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