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Premier Padel Roma 2022

Posted by Alejandro Orozco on





Good evening from  Padel Island!!! Today we comment on the final of the Italy Major Premier Padel that took place this afternoon between Juan Lebron/Alejandro Galan and Paquito Navarro/Martin Di Nenno, specifically at 18:00 on centre court at the Foro Italico with 7,000 spectators packed into the stands and perfect weather conditions.

The show started long before the first point of the match thanks to the great atmosphere, the stands were full of people singing, dancing and cheering on their idols even before they took to the court. We will remember the atmosphere we experienced in this tournament for a long time, especially Paquito Navarro who was by far the favourite player of the Italian padel fans throughout the tournament and who sang a memorable and unforgettable "Paquito is on fire" at the trophy ceremony with as much emotion and joy as if they were celebrating a World Cup for their national team.

Going back to sporting matters, it was an even match, played to the maximum and only the mental strength of the number 1 pairing (Galán/Lebrón) and perhaps also their greater physical strength, decided the final result in their favour. The first set fell on the side of the number 2 pairing by 4-6, who seemed to have entered the match more focused and psychologically prepared.  But the Spanish duo reacted halfway through the second set when it looked like they were on their way to losing the match, and they started to hit and hit winners that Navarro and Di Nenno could do nothing against and ended up losing this set by a tight 7-5.

The third and final set was evenly poised. It was a set in which Lebron and Galan took advantage of a single break to take the lead and end up winning the set, the match and the tournament. They won their first Premier Padel tournament title and got their revenge for the final of the Qatar Major a little over a month and a half ago.

Nothing more padel friends, here ends our chronicle of this fantastic tournament that has not disappointed anyone. It has been a pleasure to be here every night and we hope to count on you in our next chronicles or articles. Best regards from  Padel Island.


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Good evening again friends of  Padel Island, today we tell you how the quarter finals of the tournament that all the fans are watching have developed, the Italy Major Premier Padel.

In the first match of the day Fede Chingotto/Juan Tello faced Xisco Gil/Agustín Gómez Silingo. The former, number 4 pairing in the ranking, were very solid and solvent. Although at the start of the match it looked like it was going to be an open match, little by little the favourites made their defensive solidity and lack of unforced errors count. They took the first set with relative ease and also the second, which was very similar. Gil and Silingo had several break points in the second set that they couldn't take advantage of. In the end 6-3 and 6-4 for the Argentines who will face Navarro/Di Nenno tomorrow.

In the second match, the number 1 pairing, Ale Galan/Juan Lebron took on one of the revelation pairings of the tournament, Agustin Gutierrez/Jon Sanz. From the first moment, the number 1's pulled out all the stops and got the first break in the third game to take the first set 6-4. In the second, Galan and Lebron broke again in the third game and although at some point it looked like the match could get complicated for them, they finally managed to close out the set and the match with a 6-3 win.

The match between Álex Ruiz/Momo González vs Paquito Navarro/Martín Di Nenno started at 18:00. An irregular start for the Spanish-Argentine pairing, who were behind throughout the first set and although they managed to equalize with a 5-5, the pairing from Malaga finally took it 7-5.  The reaction came immediately in the second set by Navarro/Di Nenno, who scored quickly and easily with a 6-2. In the third and final set, the number 2 pairing came out on fire and quickly took a 5-2 lead and then... the rain arrived and forced the match to be suspended for almost an hour. In the continuation, in which only one game was played, the match was decided with another 6-2 for Navarro/Di Nenno.

And finally in the fourth match, couples 5 and 3 played, that is, Fernando Belasteguín/Arturo Coello and Franco Stupaczuk/Pablo Lima. It was probably the most interesting and intense match of the day, with alternatives for both pairings. In the first set, decided in the tie-break, the match was very even and Belasteguín and Coello finally took it. A great reaction from the Brazilian/Argentine pairing in the second set, who broke serve at the start of the set and ended up winning it 3-6.  In the last set, with everything still to play for, Bela's intelligence and experience were decisive in the crucial moments to win the third set 6-4 and advance directly to tomorrow's semifinals.

In summary, and I apologise to our readers for having gone on a little longer than I should have, we have had a day of top-level padel. Tomorrow two great matches await us, Galan/Lebron against Bela/Coello and Chingotto/Tello against Navarro/Di Nenno..... Anyone else?

After the Champions League final (as I said yesterday, man does not live by padel alone), tomorrow you will have here again the chronicle of the semifinals. As always, best regards from  Padel Island.



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Good evening  Padel Island friends, we continue to keep you updated with the latest news from the Italy Major Premier Padel tournament.

The first 8 seeded couples started their participation in the round of 16 and there weren't any surprises, all of them got through to the last 16, although some of them needed to reach the third set.  If they fell in this round the couple 10 (Juan Cruz Belluati and Ramiro Moyano) and couple 14 (Josete Rico and Iñigo Zaratiegui). As we mentioned in our last update, perhaps the heat and humidity typical of Rome could have taken its toll on some players.

In the round of 16, played again in very hot conditions, we have seen some spectacular matches and some unexpected eliminations. The 7th pairing, Maxi Sanchez and Lucho Capra who played against Agustin Gutierrez and Jon Sanz (13) and the 8th pairing formed by Javi Ruiz and Javi Rico who played against Gomez Silingo and Xisco Gil (11) have left the tournament earlier than expected.

We expect an exciting quarter finals with a stratospheric level of play. We can't single out any match in particular, they all look great. We'll be keeping an eye on the Top 3 pairings but we're not going to miss any of them. Tomorrow is expected to be a little warmer, although the skies will probably be cloudy all day, the heat (weather-wise, but not in terms of play) is guaranteed.

And Rome? Well, what can we say about Rome... for those who write these lines, it is the most beautiful European capital, the one with the most life and where there will always be new and fascinating places to discover. Man does not live by padel alone.

Tomorrow more information and a new summary of the day, from now until the end of the tournament we will update the blog daily, greetings to all from Padel Island.


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After two intense days of top level play, we now have the matches for the round of 32 that will start tomorrow.  In these two days all the matches have finished normally, with no withdrawals.  

For the moment there are no big surprises, no pairings that a priori should reach the quarter finals have been eliminated. Tomorrow the eight pairings exempt from playing until now will be in action, with matches that, at least in theory, should be solved without too much difficulty, although we know that this round of 32 is very conducive to unexpected results.

Today has been a sunny and hot day (almost 30º C in the afternoon), tomorrow it will be a little hotter, so this could be a determining factor in some matches.

What can we tell you about the Italian public that you can't imagine, they have vibrated and enjoyed a lot?

We will continue to inform you from Padel Island of everything related to the development of the tournament, greetings to all our friends!


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The second round of the new world padel circuit gets underway in Rome, the Eternal City, with the Italy Major Premier Padel.

It will take place at the Foro Italico in Rome from the 23rd to the 29th of May after the final draw of 64 pairings was decided over the weekend.

In addition to the planned absences of Agustin Tapia and Miguel Lamperti due to contractual issues with their main sponsor (Nox), Sanyo Gutierrez, Juan Martin Diaz, Lucas Campagnolo and Javi Garrido have also withdrawn from the tournament. Apart from these exceptions, the best players in the world will undoubtedly take part.

For the level of the participants, for the incredible fans in Italy and for the incomparable setting where it will take place, we are sure it will be a spectacular tournament.

From  Padel Island we will be telling you and commenting on how the tournament is developing. We show you here the final draw and we encourage you to give us your opinion:

Which couple will be the winners and will win the 2,000 FIP points and the biggest share of the 525,000 euros that will be distributed? 

We look forward to hearing your answers!!!


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  • Liam Johansson on

    Thanks for the info guys !A good way to keep track of what’s going on. Cheers.

  • Silvia L. Viñals on

    Gracias chicos por la info, este blog informa y entretiene, no aburre con datos y datos y datos.. espero con ganas la crónica de mañana.

  • Marcos F on

    Lebrón y Galán claros favoritos, aunque es verdad que Navarro y Di Nenno les tienen cogida la medida..! ;)

  • Luis Arreo on

    Paquito y Di Neno se lo llevan de calle. Han guardado fuerzas en Dinamarca para ahora reventarlo en Roma. Haréis un resumen al final o vais a actualizar el blog cada día? salu2.

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