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Akkeron Cobra Diavolo FR padel racket


Gift of overgrip and clear frame protector


Akkeron Cobra Diavolo FR padel racket is a teardrop-shaped padel racket with a medium-high balance, designed for the attacking game but which does not forget about control. It is personalized with the flag of France on its faces and in the frame.

It incorporates the innovative GRAPHENE INSIDE system, which achieves a firmer, more comfortable and lighter structure. Akkeron has developed this new technology that has been incorporated into the Cobra 22 collection.

This model also incorporates the POWER BOOSTING LAYER (PBL). New technology applied to the last layer of the faces that achieves greater power in hitting.

Akkeron Diavolo FR padel racket is manufactured with the LEGACY system, which was implemented in the production of this manufacturer 9 years ago and which has been perfected year after year, making a more effective system against breakage, improving product performance, resistance and durability.

At its core it incorporates GOMA EVA BLACK SOFT, a black rubber of intermediate hardness, also with great recovery capacity, with more ball output than the SOFT but with a similar touch, its special development and manufacturing by layers guarantees 99% equality. of touch in all parts of the plane, expanding the sweet spot of the padel racket.


Shape                   Teardrop mold

Core                     Eva Black Soft

Frame                  100% Full Carbon

Faces                   3K Carbon + Graphene

Varnish                Rough

Balance               Medium-High

Light weight from 345 grams (indicate desired weight on payment screen)

100% Spanish artisanal manufacturing.


For shipments to countries outside the European Union of two or more units of this padel racket, we provide a EUR1 certificate that reduces or eliminates customs expenses.