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Adidas Metalbone Woman Lite 2022 padel racket

$136.00 $194.00

Gift of overgrip and clear frame protector 


The new Adidas Metalbone 2022 Woman Lite padel racket is an attack padel racket designed for advanced or professional level players. It is the racket that completes the range Metalbone of the German brand.

It is a powerfull padel racket with excellent control and handling. Designed for offensive players looking for accuracy and quick shots near the net. Its fiberglass faces and its technologies Octogonal Structure, Spin Glade Gritt y Smart Hole Curve give it excellent ball output, great impact resistance and incredible spin. Its rubber core EVA Soft performance makes it a particularly easy to handle racket.

With a very attractive design and colors, it is undoubtedly be one of the most desired and most successful padel rackets for women in this 2022 season.




Weight: 345 - 360 grams Surface: Fiberglass
Profile: 38mm Core: Soft Eva
Balance: High Power/Control: 95/90
Shape: Round Season: 2022
Frame: Fiberglass Player: Advanced/Professional



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