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Drop Shot Doppel padel racket


Gift of overgrip and transparent frame protector


The new padel racket Drop Shot Doppel, is a versatile padel  racket with outstanding performance. Its round oversize format, its medium balance and its wide sweet spot provide it with an outstanding balance between control and power, although with a certain predominance of its attacking spirit.

Its construction with state-of-the-art materials such as carbon 3.000 that increases the power in the hit, providing it with great elasticity and high-end shovel performance.

inside the line Ambition, this carbon blade enjoys the most advanced and innovative technologies of the Drop Shot firm, among which stand out Smart Holes System that redistributes and maximizes the impact zone, Tubular Twin System that provides rigidity and prevents loss of energy in blows and texture 3D Face that a plus of effect to the ball in the hits that need it, along with other systems such as Silicone Grip Channel and Cork Cushion grip that reduce vibrations.

This Drop Shot racket is intended for advanced level players who seek balance for the game with a racket with a high capacity to stretch the power range. It is finally a padel racket with an elegant and avant-garde aesthetic.




Weight:  350 - 365 grams Method: carbon 3,000
Profile:  38mm              Core : Goma Eva Soft
Balance:  Medium Power/Control:  95/90
Form: Teardrop Season :  2022
Marco: Carbon Player: Advanced