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Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2024 padel racket


GIFT PACK: Bullpadel Premium balls can + Vibor-a Overgrip + Transparent frame protector



New Nox ML10 Pro Cup Luxury 2024 padel racket has been awarded in 2023 as the best hybrid style padel racket and is the padel racket chosen by the great Miguel Lamperti to play his WPT matches.

It is a classic model with new innovations and technologies such as improved aerodynamics by profiling the edges and lengthening the grip to facilitate grip.

EOS Flap technology, lateral perforations to increase the maneuverability of the racket and better weight distribution.

3K carbon fiber and black EVA HR3 rubber with an intermediate feel, the favorite of Canoso de Bahía Blanca.

Pulse System and Custom Grip to increase vibration absorption and improve grip.

Rough finish to achieve a range of effects when hitting.