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Siux Diablo Revolution II Air padel racket

$172.00 $302.00

Gift of overgrip and transparent frame protector


New Siux Diablo Revolution II Air padel racket is intended for advanced or professional level players who are looking for a racket with maximum performance with minimum weight. Its weight is 340-360 grams, being the light version of the Siux Diablo Revolution racket. This low weight makes it a racket with exceptional manageability.

The racket incorporates the signature of the player Sanyo Gutiérrez, flagship player of the Siux firm.

In addition, it is a versatile hybrid-shaped racket (combines a round format with a teardrop shape) that achieves a perfect balance between power and control. It has a medium balance and an intermediate sweet spot that give it exquisite control and great precision in defense as well as excellent power for the attacking game.

It has a tubular carbon fiber frame and super elastic 24K carbon faces that provide stable, precise and very fast shots. Its core, made of EVA rubber, prevents vibrations and facilitates fast and firm ball outputs.

Lastly, its color combination and the sandy, matte finish on its faces make it a racket with a spectacular design that surprises with its effects and versatility.

Since its release on the market, this Siux padel racket is becoming one of the most desired rackets of the prestigious Spanish brand.



Technical characteristics:

Level: Advanced/Professional
Game type: Multipurpose
Shape: Hybrid
Balance: Medium
Weight: 340-360 grams
Profile: 38mm
Core: Eva rubber
Faces: Carbon
Frame: Carbon

Profile: 38mm